Principal investigator

Jongmin Kim, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences
jk2938 [at]   CV
During his PhD, Jongmin identified the function of an uncharacterized gene (he and his advisor named it Kumgang), which was critical for silencing somatic genes during fly spermatogenesis (Kim, ..., Fuller, 2017). After joining a chromatin lab as a postdoc, he continued his work on gene silencing in mouse spermatogenesis, focusing on Polycomb group proteins in modulating chromatin architecture (Kim and Kingston, 2022; Kim, ..., Kingston, 2023). He is excited to investigate how these chromatin-modifying proteins block the misexpression of unwanted genes and safeguard male germ cell fate.
Jongmin is from Korea and came to the US for graduate school. He likes to swim and hike. His recent memorable hike was the "Subway" at Zion. He is looking forward to exploring many trails and gorges around Ithaca.

Photo credit: Luis Bartolomé Marcos/Wikipedia